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Baccarat is simply a game of betting on the bank. There is no strict number of participants. In addition to the seats provided by the gaming table, players placed at the gaming table can also bet freely.

In the part of playing cards, baccarat generally uses 8 decks of playing cards (one shoe). After the baccarat dealer shuffles, piles, and cuts the cards, the first and three cards are dealt to the player, and the second, Four cards are dealt to the dealer and follow the rules of baccarat. There are at most three cards. The player with the closest score of 9 wins. If the score is 9 points, it is called a day card.


輪盤是一種賭場常見的博彩遊戲,輪盤(Roulette)一詞在法語的意思解作小圓輪。輪盤一般會有37或38個數字,由莊荷負責在轉動的輪盤邊丟珠子,然後珠子落在該格的數字就是得獎號碼。 輪盤上的數字會以紅、黑兩色間隔,但數字的排列並非順序而至。常見的輪盤有兩種,分別是美式輪盤及歐洲式輪盤。

Roulette is a common gambling game in casinos. The word Roulette means small round wheel in French. Roulette usually has 37 or 38 numbers, and the dealer is responsible for throwing beads on the side of the rotating roulette, and then the number where the beads fall on the grid is the winning number. The numbers on the roulette wheel will be spaced in red and black, but the arrangement of the numbers is not sequential. There are two common types of roulette, American roulette and European roulette.

線上博彩委員會推薦:「 WM百家樂完美娛樂城 」完美集團注冊於世界旅遊聖地柬埔寨波貝度假村,是全球線上博弈的領導品牌,擁有百萬名註冊玩家。具有博弈產業市場的合法營業執照。同時,WM集團也提供多元化的品牌遊戲、完善且親切的顧客服務,並致力維護遊戲公正性、公平性,並極力全方位保障會員的資金交易安全、個人隱私無擔憂。
Recommended by the Online Gaming Committee: “WM Baccarat Perfect Casino” is registered in Poipet Resort, a world tourist destination. It is the leading brand of global online gaming and has millions of registered players. Have a legal business license for the gaming industry market. At the same time, WM Group also provides diversified branded games, complete and friendly customer service, and is committed to maintaining the fairness and fairness of the game, and strives to ensure the safety of members’ funds transactions and personal privacy in all aspects.

龍虎鬥(The big battle)的投注方式與百家樂(Baccarat)一樣,遊戲使用八副撲克牌,不同於百家樂之處,即為僅需派出一張牌就可以定輸贏。從英文名(The big battle)來看,就能聯想到是大數的對決,即比大小,大的獲勝。

The big battle’s poker method is the same as that of Baccarat. The game uses eight decks of playing cards and becomes the opposite of Baccarat, which means that only one card is needed to determine whether you win or lose. Judging from the English name (Great Battle), can you think of it as a duel of a large number, that is, a bigger win than a big or small.

WM Casino Sic Bo is a method of using dice to gamble. It is mainly a game that uses the number of dice to compare the size. Before each bet, the dealer will put three dice in the dice cup with lid. Shake and wait for the players to finish placing their bets, the dealer opens the lid and distributes bonuses to the players who bet successfully.
The current baccarat forecasting software on the market uses big data for path analysis. After the analysis is completed, the best algorithm is used to calculate the baccarat formula to make predictions. Although there is no absolute winning rate, it has at least 80% accuracy.